Twenty Fourteen Year in Review | Maternity and Newborn

Round two!  I'm back this week with my second list of favorite images from last year.  This week I'm sharing maternity and newborn images.  I feel like I whisked through the birth images last week but I'm struggling over here trying to choose between these precious newborns! I am a sucker for an itty bitty let me tell ya. Just like last week these are favorites of mine because of their stories... mostly ;)  There are a few that don't have stories but I just adore the image itself.  There are brief descriptions under each image.  I hope you enjoy!!

And without further ado...














Twenty Fourteen Year in Review | Birth

Happy New Year friends!!  I hope that you all had a wonderful, relaxing, family-time-filled Holiday and New Years.  Mine was just that.  I took the last two weeks of the year to spend with family and to unwind and unplug. Now that 2015 is in full swing, if you're like me then you probably use January as time to review and renew.  I'm working on so many awesome ideas and projects for 2015, one of them being somewhat of a revamp  of how I run my business, what products I offer, what impact I want to make and most importantly, what my goals are for the year and how am I going to reach them.  In order for me to look forward into 2015 I have to start by doing  a review of 2014, from the business and marketing side to the sessions and images side.  Well, I'm having so much fun going through all of my images from last year I decided I wanted to share some of my favorite images from 2014 with you all!

There are truly actually hundreds of images that are favorites but because that could take both you and I all day long to read through I decided to pick around 10 from each session type.  Uuuhhhmm...  it's been hard.  It's taken me days.  I'm still working it. Naturally, I'm starting this series of 'Year in Review' posts with my favorite thing to photograph: birth and brand new babies.  I love shooting birth and new babies the most because it's so real.  It's completely unedited, unrehearsed, real life, in the moment emotion.  Capturing an image that you can take one look at and almost feel exactly what that person was feeling when the image was taken... that's the real stuff.  The stuff I photograph for.  And what's even better, there's always a story behind the image.  To me when there's a story, every time you look at that image, you're going to remember the story.  And that is exactly why most of these images are favorites of mine: because I think they hold a lot of emotion and because of the story behind the image.  So I'm including either a caption or short description of the image in hopes that you'll see and feel what I do in these.

Thank you to everyone who chose me to photograph their special moments... I hope to grow with you as your families grow and change.  <3

These are in  no particular order as it would be impossible for me to label them that way.  (and there are around 20 since I'm including both birth and brand new baby sessions)






















Fall is ROOAARR-some!

I'm loving these warm Fall days because we've been able to get the kids out of the house to enjoy all the beauty this season has to offer.  The colors never cease to amaze me!   Last Sunday Jeff and I took the boys down to Reedy Creek, a part of the expansive James River Park system.  There are tons of trails for walking, jogging, biking, etc., not to mention the hard to beat views of the James River, the city skyline and so much more.  If you live in RVA and haven't taken the time to explore the parks the city has to offer then I have to say you are really missing out!  There is so much hidden beauty (and history!) in our little city!  I was only able to get just a few shots on that little adventure as I spent most of my time with my family and also ensuring the boys stayed out of trouble! Then yesterday we went over to the Carillon at Byrd Park to let the kids run around and work some of their two-and-four-year-old energy out.  We went with Cooper's best bud Will and his little sister Evie who are the same ages as Cooper and Cade (perfection, I know!)  These four babes are like peas in a pod, they love each other to death and in turn we (Jeff, Brad and Kerri, Will and Evie's parents) try to get them together as often as possible.  And since the four adults really like each other too it's a win-win all the way around!  I took my camera with us and got some really cute shots of them just being themselves and having fun.  Kerri is a very talented sewer and turned Will and Evie's hoodies into dinosaur coats!  Cooper has a shark hoodie that his Grammy got him (although he'll tell you it's a dinosaur, like Will's) so they do a lot of RRROOOAAARRRIIINNNGGG when their wearing them - they actually roar whether they're wearing them or not!  Anyhow, I sure do love seeing how the smallest things can make them so happy, it helps me on days when I'm having trouble weeding through all the 'adult' stuff.

I  hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!



I'd love to hear about your Fall adventures and see any pics you captured of your little ones, fur babies or the awesome scenery in your town! :)  Thanks for stopping by...