The Power of a Woman

I'm in complete awe of a woman.  She pushed through her fear and brought life into this world.  She dug deep into her soul and grasped onto the strength that was always there, but that just needed a reason powerful enough to bring it to the surface.  That's my job.  I get to help women find their voice.  I get to help them find the power of a woman. It's a power so deep, so strong and so bonding that only another woman could understand it.  There's fear of course, that's natural too.  But we grab onto that fear and we fight it to the ground.  It's within all of us, the fear, the fight, the power.

Witnessing birth, witnessing a tiny baby enter the world and take it's first breathe, well, it nearly takes my breathe away.  The emotions that come over me are close to indescribable.  Watching a woman push through her labor, seeing the glory on her face when she touches her new baby for the first time... to hear her say "I did it!"

I knew all along that you could do it Mama.  Your strength is deep, your love it unwaivering and your bond eternal.  Happy Labor Day to you and Happy Day one baby boy.  You've both touched my life in an amazing way and I'm forever changed.