The Meltons | Goochland VA Family Photographer

I have been incredibly blessed to meet some really wonderful people through my job. This family is no exception. I first photogaphed them about 6 years ago when Nicole, a single mom of one sweet little boy named Sawyer, adopted a baby girl and hired me for a newborn session. From the first time I met Nicole I was kind of in awe with her strength and determination. How many single moms do you know who are out there adopting more kiddos? Not many I imagine. I got to photograph Miss Lia throughout her first year so I got to see them every three months or so until she was one and thus got to know Nicole and her two kids well. Over the following few years I continued to photograph Nicole's family's milestones; birthday parties, new puppies, her engagement and wedding to the amazing Dave, their maternity photos when they got pregnant with sweet little Gavin as well as his big entrance into the world via cesarean section (he was breech).  Needless to say I've spent some seriously quality time with this family over the years which is why I am super, DUPER excited about this session and this post!

You'll notice the images from this session are a little bit different from my normal work as a lot of them are of the family looking into the camera.  Normally, my photography style is quite laid back.  My goal is to capture you and your family as you are.  Hugging, snuggling, laughing, playing, whatever it is that you do together that makes you all smile.  So when Nicole contacted me with the news that they were thinking about adopting again I was absolutely thrilled!  She said they needed pictures of the family for the adoption agency and that they needed shots of her and Dave looking at the camera, etc.  Of course I said no problem!

The best part about this session though?  While the possibility of adding another sweet child to this fantastic family is thrilling, it's the goal that Nicole set for herself and her determination to reach that goal that I think is literally out-of-this-world!!  At the end of 2015 Nicole had surgery to reduce the size of her stomach.  Since then she has lost over 100 pounds and is still going!!!!!  I am so proud of her and cannot put into words how happy I am for her.  I am so damn grateful that I know her.  She's the real deal y'all.  The kind of people you want to know in life.  I'm so lucky she continues to choose me to capture her family as they grow and change.  It means so much to me. <3

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