The Family Bed

We've had a rough go with sleep and our first son, Cooper. Since the day he was born he's hated to sleep and when he did sleep, it couldn't be alone. A lot of people say that's our fault and to some degree I guess I agree, but not totally. When you have your first child all you want to do is hold them. One little whimper from them and you jump to soothe them. I still jump to soothe my second baby too but I'll admit my stomach doesn't knot at his every murmur as it did with my first.Cooper wasn't easy as an infant. He would fall asleep easily at the breast but as soon as I tried to lay him down he'd wake up screaming. His first ten months were spent in our bed. We then moved him into his crib because he moved so much we weren't getting any sleep. The move was tough. Recently before his little brother was born we moved him into his big boy room with a new big boy bed (a full size double bunk that he and his brother will share one day). It actually went quite smoothly. We were thrilled! Well not so fast there Mama and Daddy. There is a list of things that Cooper has decided he no longer wants to do since his little brother arrived, at the top of that list are 1: no more peepeeing in the potty/no more big boy pants and 2: no more sleeping in his big boy bed. Cade is almost 18 weeks old now and has been sleeping like an angel in his crib since he was about 4-5 weeks old. And pretty much since then Cooper has been back in bed with us. Now at his age, 28 months, I'm willing to let him cry a little before falling asleep. But guess what? He screams so loud, he wakes up the baby. Then I have two screaming kids awake. No, that's not feasible. So we give in and let him in bed with us. To the point now that after he's fallen asleep and we try to move him back to his bed he wakes and starts screaming again. Ok, ok, back to Mama and Daddy's bed. At first having him back in our bed was driving me crazy. Now I don't mind as much. Yes, it cuts into our alone time, making it practically zero. But this little guy has my heart. He honestly tries to sleep but for whatever reason he can't. Heck I'm 33 and still have trouble falling asleep. I love having him snuggle up close to me, playing with my hair and sometimes he even wants to 'skwatch yer back Mommy'. These are the moments I cherish. The 2am kick in the jaw, not so much. So, even though we never thought we would be, we're still co-sleeping, 28 months after this amazing boy came into our lives. My husband jokes that maybe we can get him back in his bed by the time he's 8 or 9. Not funny I say. Some babies need to snuggle, to be near someone to sleep. Some babies need their space. I have one of each. And I thank God for both of them every day. (right before I ask him to give me more sleep).