apple pickin'

We recently went to visit my in-laws in upstate New  York on Lake George.  It is absolutely beautiful up there.  They have the cutest little cabin on the side of the mountain overlooking the lake.  I had never seen anything so beautiful until I met my husband!  The water is absolutely crystal clear, you can literally see straight to the bottom, even if the water is 30 feet deep!  This was my our (my) second trip up, we went last Summer in August so it was a little warmer than our trip up this year mid-September.  Although, low 70's and sunny with a cool breeze is my kinda weather!  When I was younger I used to just love the hot and humid Virginia Summers but as I've gotten older I've grown to love Spring and Fall weather just as much, if not more.  It was great to leave the humidity here and enter a world that is already seeing the affects of Autumn.  We've alway vacationed mostly in the Summer or if it was during Winter we went somewhere hot so we could bask in the sun (usually Florida!).  Anyhow I really enjoyed my Autumn vacation and definitely looking forward to going back next year! On our trip we took the boys to Billy Bob's Apple Orchard.  It was so fun to see little Cooper running around with his apple bag trying to fill it up.  He mostly wanted to pick up the apples off the ground though so we had to show him how to pick them off the trees.  There was a dog there that lived on the orchard so Cooper was in heaven!  He absolutely loves dogs (and any animal for that matter).  Anyhow I just wanted to share a few images of our apple adventure, mostly snapshots as my husband had my big ol' camera on AUTO when he was shooting!  Hope you enjoy!