Spring Break Family Vacation

My in-laws are living the retired man's dream.  I think I've talked about it in previous posts but they are snowbirds, spending half the year in upstate New York on Lake George and the other half down South on the gulf side of sunny Florida.  This is awesome not only for them but for my boys, my hubby and I because it means our family vacations each year are booked and guaranteed to be on the water.  For our family this is perfect!  My husband and I both love, love, love the water.  And apparently both boys do too!  The beach, the lake, the creek, the river, our back-yard kiddie pool or sprinkler... :)  I love taking the boys to see their Grammy Sue and Grumpy and they love it even more.  As Cooper gets older it gets a little more fun each visit.  Of course now we have baby Cade but things are honestly so much different with baby number two.  Poor fella is thrown up in the mix all the time but he can hold his own!  We spent ten glorious days in Florida tanning, drinking, eating, sleeping, reading... you name it.  It was so much fun that by the time we got home I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation!  It didn't take long to get back into the swing of things... now I'm counting down the months until we get to visit that beautiful, crystal clear Lake George. Here are a few of our family pics!