Mohawks, Sweet Potatoes, Scrapped Knees and the Lost Dog

What a title, right!?  I'm going to just blog today about our day.  It's been an adventure.  First, it's Monday.  Need I say more?  Apparently I do.  The morning started out great, Cooper had actually slept almost 6 hours straight last night so we both woke up feeling a little more human than usual (that is as human as you can feel after a night of drinking at a super bowl party!).  Coffee, breakfast and we are ready to start our day.

The day began with two appointments being rescheduled in less than an hour.  No biggie, Jeff and I both thought "this actually works out better!".  We quickly re-evaluated our day and got back on track.  Jeff decided to take Cooper to Sam's Club while I stayed home and did a little work.  This trip proved to be a successful one as he got groceries, I got to work and Cooper got to sleep. (During the day this kid usually only sleeps if he's in the car seat...)  As part of our 'new plans for the day' when Jeff got home from Sam's Club he went to the gym.  This is normally a very early morning ritual for him but because of our morning appointments he had elected to go later in the day.  While Jeff was at the gym I was going to feed Cooper who, for some odd reason that is still undetermined, had not nursed since 7:00am.  By this time it's noon.  Jeff is gone and Cooper still will not nurse.  I decide to do the diaper change, play a little and try again.  During this time I guess the girly girl came out in me because I decided to 'do Cooper's hair'. Yes, I know he's a boy, but he was in serious need of a new "do".  Mohawk it is!  1:00 rolls around and he's hungry, finally.  We nurse and then head to the kitchen for our 'big boy food', organic pureed sweet potatoes.  Yummmm.  He does a fabulous job of eating his sweet potatoes.  As you can see:

After lunch (and lots of adorable pictures) we ventured back to the office so Mama could download all the pics and, again, try to get a little work done.  Cooper entertained himself on the guest bed, playing with toys and watching cartoons.  Dada made it back home from the gym and made a fabulous homemade pizza (dough and all!) for lunch.

After lunch it was time to walk our crazy hyper dogs.  As you can imagine walking 3 big dogs is not fun.  Poor Jeff, he's usually the one stuck with the task as I cannot do it alone.  I'm running in the 5k this weekend and the 10k at the end of March so lately I've been taking Hatte (my yellow lab) running with me while Jeff takes Mookie, Pepper and baby Cooper for a walk.  Until today, this has always been a pleasant experience.  Now, you'd assume the snow and ice played a roll in the story I'm going to tell you, but you'd assume wrong.

We pulled up at the park and proceeded to put the jogging stroller together, get Cooper all bundled up (it's like 40 degrees today, brrrr!) and get the dogs leashes straight.  I head one way with Hatte and Jeff heads the other.  Normally we always walk the same roads but today I was running the actual route for the 5k on Saturday, while Jeff took the normal route.  About two blocks into my 3 mile run I literally did a faceplant on the sidewalk.  My cell phone goes crashing on the pavement, battery flying one way and phone flying another.  I lost the leash but to my surprise my normally extremely hyper dog just stands there staring at me.  I guess it was the first time she hadn't been "leasehd" on our walks so who knows if she even realized I didn't have her.  It took me a minute to realize what had happened.  Both of my hands hurt, my knees were throbbing and I'm just laying on the icy sidewalk.  No, no, it wasn't the ice that got me.  The sidewalk was extremely uneven, we're talking about 4 to 5 inches uneven and because I was trying to get into my running "zone" I didn't see it.  At this point I'm embarrassed, I'm wondering if anyone in the surrounding houses saw me fall?  But then again, if they did how come they didn't come to see if I'm ok?  Oh well, I got up, got my phone, got my dog and started walking down the street.  Knees throbbing I turn the corner to see Jeff, Cooper and the dogs.  I hollar up to him to stop so I can check my injuries.  Scraped and bruised both knees but other then that, I was good to go.  I decided I'm going to keep running, I'm tough, I can push through the pain.  So I kiss Jeff and Hatte and I head off, again.

We are half-way through our 3-mile run when I realize part of the course is still extremely icy.  After my earlier fall there's no way I'm going to take a chance so I decide to cut the run a little short.  All together I ran 2.5 miles, which isn't too bad after cracking my knees on the concrete!  As Hatte and I run towards the car we see Jeff way over in the distance and decide to run over to where he is.  As I approach I notice something missing.  Wait, no.  Seriously!?  Mookie is gone!?!  Obviously, I run up "where's Mookie!?!"  "he's gone, I let him go"  "What!  What happened!?"  Ok, so you just have to picture this: Jeff is walking two dogs while pushing our baby in the jogging stroller.  As they walk along Mookie sees a cat, he hates, hates, hates cats.  He tries to take off but Jeff thinks fast and releases the jogging stroller and grabs Mookie as he pulls him down the road with all of his might.  Now, because we are just so "safe" we wear this strap around our arms when using the jogging stroller, it's attached to the stroller and your wrist so if you let go of the stroller, you won't lose it.  Jeff forgets this strap is attached to his arm.  As he runs, pulling Mookie as hard as he can, the stroller goes crashing to the ground with Cooper in it.  Baby is screaming, dogs are barking at cat, it's chaos.  Wouldn't you know the lady who owned the cat comes out of her house, gives Jeff a dirty look, gets her cat and goes back in her house.  Thank God I wasn't there for this.  Cooper is ok - scared but ok.  He eventually falls back asleep.  We decide to split up and search for Mookie.  So, Jeff with his anger, me with my throbbing knees and Cooper fast asleep head off to find the missing dog.  Not long into our search I get a call from Jeff "I got him".  Mookie didn't go far.  See, Mookie has very little hair, he really only has one coat of very thin hair, so other than his walks, he hates being out in the cold.  The woman in the house next door to the mean cat lady called Jeff and proceeded to tell him she was sitting in her living room with her baby when she heard all this banging on the front door.  She finds Mookie, knocking like crazy to get him out of the cold!  The very kind lady let Mookie in and called Jeff.

We made it home.  Checked Cooper over, he seems fine.  Checked Mookie over, he seems fine.  Checked me over, I'm scrapped and bruised but I'm fine.  Poured my glass of wine.  Jeff is cooking dinner.  We are all ok.  Oh how I love my life!  :)