Life is Good

I still can't believe that it's Thanksgiving week.  I can't believe my baby is 4 months old today and that Christmas is only a little over 4 weeks away.  With Thanksgiving and the Holidays approaching so fast I've been giving more and more thought to everything I have to be thankful for.  Sometimes I find myself complaining about the littlest and most stupid things.  I let these completely insignificant things drive me out of my mind sometimes.  Things like "why in the heck are the commercials SO much louder than the show you're watching!?" or "if my dogs bark one more time and wake up the baby!".  A big one around here is also "I can't stand all this dog hair!!!  Where is the baby going to crawl!?!".  Sometimes I say these things out loud or I simply think them to myself and I have this little feeling of guilt digging at the pit of my stomach.  Like I know I shouldn't be saying or thinking this - but I am.  So then I think that I'm a bad person, I mean who is this grumpy all the time?  Who finds even the littlest things to bitch and complain about?  ME!  I don't want to be that person.  I don't want to care about how loud the commercials are.  I should simply be thankful that I have a television and electricity to watch it.  A soft couch to snuggle up on with my family and nice warm blankets and a roof over my head.  I don't want to be angry or scorn the dogs when they bark (suspiciously only when the baby is sleeping!) because they could inevitably save our lives one day.  They know every creek this house makes and if they hear something out of the ordinary they are certain to let us know.  And oh the hair, the lovely tumbleweed like balls of fur that seemingly show up every day even after you've just spent an hour or more vacuuming every nook and cranny of your house.  Ironically enough, when I'm away from home and I look down and see a long blonde Hatte hair on my sweater, it always makes me smile.  I wonder if other dog owners see my dog hair covered clothing and think "she's a dog owner too!". My mission this Holiday season (and for the rest of my days) is to stop complaining, especially about the little things in life.  My mission is to be happy and grateful for all that I am blessed with.  My mission is to stop thinking about the Mac I want or the iPhone, the jeans I want to by that actually fit, new 'in style' sweaters and shoes, the photography gear, the bigger house...  My mission is to stop and be thankful for what I have - instead of what I don't have.

So, here's a short list of just some of the things I'm thankful for today - and everyday: I have a lovely little house that even though it's small is filled with more love than even the biggest closet could hold.  I have heat, I have a warm bed and clothes that, even though they may still be a little tight, keep me warm.  I have shoes and socks to keep my feet dry.  I have an old computer that works just fine so I can get my work done, and a cell phone to keep in touch with family and friends.  I have food to keep me from going hungry.  I have my health.  I have a wonderful husband that stops at nothing to ensure his family's happiness and the cutest little baby boy I think I've ever seen - I have their health!  I have support, from both my family and my friends.  I have a car that gets me where I need to go.  I have three big healthy dogs to protect my family and show us so much love every single day.  My baby has a crib and toys and books and Pampers and wipes.  I have a camera that makes memories we hope to never forget - and even if it's not the best camera money can buy, it works, and it pushes me work that much harder to keep up with the big dogs. 

I'm happy in this moment.  In this day.  I don't want nor do I need anything. 


Happy Thanksgiving.