Happy Tuesday!

Jeff's favorite day of the week is Tuesday (!?!?) ... so, Happy Tuesday everyone!!  And happy first day of Fall!!  I'm sitting here this morning with my coffee listening to my hubby talk to his Mom and my baby hiccuping.  He hates the hiccups.  We have a full day ahead of us today, Auntie Kelley and Uncle Kenny are coming over for lunch to visit with Grammy Sue and Coopie Woopie (Auntie Kelley's name for Cooper) then Grandma Linda, Grandpa Jerry and G.G. are coming over for dinner.  I decided to make lasagna for dinner.  I got this recipe from a friend who cooked it for a girls night this past Saturday.. OH MY was it delicious!!!  It's a long recipe, lots of steps, but it's so worth it. I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I want to thank you for reading my blog and also thank you for the very sweet comments.  I am very lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends.

Jeff told me about a web-site this morning that I'd like to share with all of you, it's The Virginia Health Information web-site.  There is a lot of really good healthcare information here, but of course, I have you linked to the Obstetrics page.  Here you can compare hospitals and obstetricians in the Richmond area, learning about their cesarean section rates, episiotomy rates, etc.  The site also gives descriptions of medical procedures sometimes performed during childbirth.  I haven't read the site in great detail yet but did do a quick comparison of a few hospitals.  I'll dedicate a blog to this web-site in the future, once I've had a little more time to read and research the information it provides.

Family Stuff!  About a week ago Jeff, Cooper and I went down to Forest Hill Park, they have a free concert there once a month on Sundays.  It was our first time going down, and we really enjoyed it.  The weather couldn't have been more beautiful!  The only thing we didn't bring (and definitely will next time) is our cooler!  Cooper did a great job sleeping most of the concert.  There's one more concert in October.  If the weather is nice we'll go back again.  If you'd like to meet us with your family (& cooler of course) let us know!  Now, I'm not sure who's playing football that day, if the Patriots are on TV, there's a chance it will be just lil' Coop and I!  Here are a few pics...

Stone House at Forest Hill Park

The Great White Jenkins

Coop sleeping through concert

Daddy striking a pose